Feb 20, 2009


Grocery shopping is one of those things most folks take for granted...a ritual far more innocuous than what we used to have to go through back when we were all dirty, grimy hunter/gatherers. No more carrying spears (there are shopping carts now) or doing battle with dangerous animals (unless you count that creep who is trying to go through the Ten Items or Less lane with forty-six items and two screaming children.) It's a completely modernized, orderly and, for the most part, pleasant way to bring home the bacon.

Groceteria is a virtual treasure trove of the history of grocery shopping centers in America. Chock full of pictures and information about most of the major (and quite a few minor) chains from the 1920's through the 1980's, it is a fun place to re-live those memories of going shopping with mom and/or dad. Just remember, as you leave the site, you can't have any candy. It'll ruin your dinner!

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