Mar 17, 2009

The Art of Television

Back in the days before it got bigger and glossier, the TV Guide was a staple in most American homes.

Each issue featured a photo or illustration of the current "big thing" in television, and perusing the covers can only bring a rush of nostalgia for anyone old enough to remember the original format.

Richard Amsel was the most featured artist for the guide, with 37 covers and countless illustrations within the magazine. He was also responsible for many of the most memorable movie posters in the history of film, as well as other art from record albums and many other places his art appeared.

Though he died in 1985, his legacy lives on.

**Another popular cover artist (who also did movie posters!) was the late Bob Peak. Here are his covers, and here are his movie posters!

**Finally, the most complete collection of TV Guide covers on the internet can be found here!

Happy viewing!

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