Mar 26, 2009

The Gospel Accordion to Uwe...

The accordion is such a misunderstood instrument. It is the musical equivalent of a pun...everyone groans when they hear one.

But put one in the hands of the right person (Lawrence Welk or Weird Al Yankovic for example) and magic can happen.

Uwe Steger is one such magician. The German born Uwe is taking the accordion in some new directions, and doing so with a singular style and plenty of talent.

The link above takes you to his site, which, in spite of being written in German, is easy to find your way around, and contains other videos featuring his marvelous virtuosity.

Here is one of the best Uwe performances, featuring the song "It Don't Mean a Thing (If it ain't got that swing).

You'll notice that the accordion doesn't move...that's because it is one of the newer digital accordions, and requires no bellows to work!

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