Mar 7, 2009

Jurassic Art?

We've all heard the sad stories of child stars gone seems as if being a child star automatically consigns you to a life that is anything but happy. A few, however, somehow rise above it all to go further that anyone would have thought possible.

Ariana Richards is one of those who beat the odds. don't remember Ariana Richards?

She was only one of the lead actresses in one of the biggest box-office hits Hollywood has ever produced: Jurassic Park! She played Lex Murphy, the granddaughter of the park's founder, played by Richard Attenborough.

Oh, so now you remember!

Acting was not the only art that Ariana excelled at however. She had always loved traditional art, and in fact her family's genealogy can be traced back to the early Italian Renaissance with Carlo Crevelli, a contemporary of Botticelli!

As you can see in her award-winning painting above, titled "Lady of the Dahlias," her talent is extraordinary!

To view more of her astonishing paintings, be sure to visit her Gallery Ariana.

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