Mar 17, 2009

Where's Mickey?

One of the most interesting aspects of the Disney theme parks is one which most people are not even aware of.

It seems that the imagineers who designed the parks decided it would be fun to hide Mickey's familiar silhouette in all kinds of places where you wouldn't normally expect to see it, and then never really let on that they were there.

These "hidden Mickeys" have been a part of Disney for a long time, appearing in Disney's classic animated films and other various Disney products throughout the years. The theme park Mickeys have become more widely known in more recent years, and several web sites are devoted to collecting them. A popular Hidden Mickey guidebook is available to those needing help in finding them during their stays at the park.

The link above leads to a Flickr photo group with lots of photos of these hidden Mickeys submitted by people who found and photographed them, so that you can experience the seemingly endless ways in which the imagineers found to hide them in plain sight!

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