Sep 7, 2009

Fantastic Crayon Art!

It is probably safe to say that everyone grew up using Crayola crayons at some point in their childhood. I remember spending time laying on the floor in front of a coloring book, an open box of crayons next to me, being very careful to color within the lines. No improvising for little Quasi...had to follow the rules if I wanted to grow up and become a proper Cap'n!
It was all good clean fun of course, and sometimes I did manage to try drawing my own creations on a blank piece of paper, but the end results never looked as good as I wanted them to. Eventually I grew out of my artistic period, but I never forgot the almost zen-like feeling of coloring.

Of course, some people manage to grow up, but not out, and as you will see the world is a more colorful place because of them!

This is a painting ...well, not really a painting, since no paint was used. I guess it would be better referred to as a "Crayon Rendering" of a tropical beach scene created by Jeffrey Robert, a talented artist who uses crayons to produce beautiful works of art.

Don Marco is another extremely gifted artist who uses crayons to produce works of art worthy of hanging proudly in any home. Or museum, for that matter. The piece above is called "End of the Hunt."

Tiona Marco is another great artist. Though no relation to Don Marco, she was mentored by him, and the results are fantastic as shown by her piece entitled "Adoration."

I encourage you to click on the artists name to visit their sites to see more of their incredible artwork!

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