Sep 21, 2009

The Incredible Coral Castle!

Egypt has the pyramids, China the Great Wall, Cambodia the Angkor Wat. But here in America is to be found perhaps the strangest and most mysterious of constructs: The Coral Castle. Though nowhere near as famous, it is perhaps the most amazing of them all.

Edward Leedskalnin was a Latvian immigrant who single-handedly built the entire castle over a 28 year period, beginning in 1923. In 1936 he decided to relocate his then still-under-construction castle from Florida City, Florida to Homestead, Florida, once again without any apparent outside help, which is stunning considering many of the coral blocks used in it's construction weighed several tons each! The moving process alone took three years...

Old Ed never revealed how he was able to cut, lift and place these large blocks of coral by himself, stating only that he had discovered the means by which the Egyptians had constructed the pyramids. He also worked only when no other people were around, and mostly at night.

Construction continued until his death from malnutrition in 1951.

The castle remains a popular tourist attraction to this day, and no official consensus has ever been reached as to how this small, unassuming man was able to achieve such an amazing feat of engineering on his own.

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