Mar 28, 2010

Home, home on the...road?

One of my lifelong dreams is to tour America in a motor-home. Driving from horizon to horizon, going wherever my whims take me, wherever I park would be home. Of course, this will undoubtedly remain only a dream, given the price of a good R.V. Especially given what must be the insanely high price of THIS R.V., which I believe is in the 1.5 million to 2 million dollar range...

It may only look slightly impressive on the outside, but check out the interior...

Now that's what I'm talking about! You could host a corporate board meeting in this baby, and everyone would be properly impressed. The best part is, if you ever get a flat, or need to run out for a gallon of milk, it comes equipped with it's own garage...!

For even more pictures of this exquisite vehicle, head on over here and check it out!

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